Madrid Taxi Rates 2019

Price and taxi fares of Madrid, cost km, supplements, airport and all related information.

RATESLowering of FlagPrice per KmWait Time
Rate 1
Mo to Fr (no festivos)
from 6.00 to 21.00
Rate 2
Sat, Sun and business daysfrom 21.00 to 6.00
Rate 3
Minimum price departure from the airport.
Working / holidays
3,00€1,20€ / 1,25€20,50€
Tarifa 4
Fixed airport fee
Madrid destination airport terminal.
Except 3 or 4 rates apply
Departures with origin is bus or train stations3,00€
Taxi on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.6,70€
Taxi with origin or destination to IFEMA3,00€
Occupation of the fifth square of the taxi1,00€
Hiring via telematics
Zone AStart of the service between 2.40€ or 2.90€ and 5.00€
Zone BStart of service between 2,40€ or 2,90€ and 8,00€

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Tarifas Taxi Madrid 2019

Tarifas Taxi Madrid 2019


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